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Star Galaxy Granite Worktops

Black Granite Kitchen Image

Star Galaxy Granite Kitchen

One of the most popular usages for Star Galaxy granite is kitchen worktops. Pre-fabricated, free-length granite strips produced in various widths, usually 600~1200 mm, afford you the possibility to supply fabulous worktops at very competitive prices.

Granite Worktop Image

Granite Edge Profile

Our standard edge finish is with a square (straight edge) profile with an eased (pencil) bevel on both the top and bottom surface. We can process most popular profiles such as half bull nose, full bull, half ogee, half bevel, double bevel, knife edge etc.

Crated Granite Worktops Image

Crated Granite Worktops

There is absolutely no point in spending our time & effort producing our premium worktops if we don't pack & crate them well! Protective sheeting is placed between slabs inside strong wooden crates which are banded securely with metal strips.


Star Galaxy Granite Slabs

Star Galaxy granite slabs are produced in many sizes. Large slabs are more expensive than smaller ones, Premium Quality is more expensive than Commercial Quality, therefore it is very important when selecting your slabs that you are selecting the most appropriate choice for your project no matter how large or small.

Star Galaxy Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are produced in a variety of sizes & surface finishes, the standard size is 12" x 12" x 3/8" (305 x 305 x 10 mm) up to 24" x 24" x 1/2~3/4" (610 x 610 x 13~20 mm) can be produced, also freelength strips are very popular for cutting on-site at projects to reduce waste & butterfly match.


Granite Quarry Image

Star Galaxy Granite Quarry | India

This is the Original Star Galaxy granite quarry located near Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, first opened in the very early 1980s. Different types of rough blocks are available including Premium gang sawn for large random slabs plus smaller Premium blocks for granite tiles. Commercial quality blocks are sometimes produced and can be selected when available.

Black Granite Image

Star Galaxy Granite

This is easily one of the most popular granites for many different purposes including building cladding, mall flooring, hotel & public house bar tops, kitchen worktops & both commercial & domestic tiling. Its natural hardness and easy-to-clean polished surface ensures that it always looks good in any situation plus a wide range of widths & lengths make it economical for every project.

Granite Inspection Image

Star Galaxy Granite Inspection

It is very important to note that Star & Black Galaxy granites all vary in background colour & veining from quarry to quarry & there are 50 active quarries. For large projects it is essential that all slabs are selected from the same quarry face to ensure matching. All slabs & tiles produced & exported by ourselves are subject to an independent testing company.

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A privately owned family company first established in the 1840s with more than seven generations of trade experience, we supply premium quality natural stones direct to wholesalers, processors & project contractors wherever you may be.

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